Build Royale battle

Build Royale battle is an original representative of the io category, for the successful completion of which is to adhere to three basic principles: build, defend and survive. First of all, there should be gold, this precious metal provides the opportunity to purchase upgrades, and other useful effects.

Before a chance to collect gold bullion bars in Build Royale battle, need to take care of the simpler production resources such as wood and stone. Marshall fields, at your site, you can set up to eight pieces.

Prepare yourself for the fact that the play will be engaged in different activities depending on the time of day. Afternoon try to catch to do the extraction of construction materials and the strengthening of the base, and a fierce battle awaits you at night. For the defense have shooting turrets and walls. They will bring invaluable contribution, if you put around the fortress. Each building in Build Royale io battle is improving, there are wooden walls after pumping, become concrete, superior mine faster yield results.

Note that it is better to install in place of accumulation of scaffolding and rubble deposits, so as not to waste time on delivery, if necessary, fill the warehouses so and stones. When the death of a character in the game, he is reborn in the vicinity of the store, and if opponents managed to destroy it, then the part is complete.

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