Build Royale

In Build Royale players will survive, much build and defend himself. Developers Build Royale io trying to implement in the new game innovations possible, affecting not only the visualization, but also give gameplay diversity.

The movement of the character in Build Royale is made using simple manipulations by pressing WASD. In order to explore the terrain, designed mouse. Auto attack is activated by using the space bar. Also, provides an internal chat to communicate between players, simply click on the ENTER button and the window will be available.

The primary activity of a workflow must begin with production and the accumulation of resources. To recharge the game tree in stock cut the forest and the range of stones is increased when the cobblestones primitive pick.

Build RoyaleWhen there is enough material, choose a place for the construction of a repository for gold. It is strongly recommended that you build a building not far from the clusters of trees and stone deposits. Building materials Build Royale game required constantly and spend waste most precious time running will not be possible. Moreover, according to the rules, when the death of you continue to play next to Gold Stash. Try to defend the built structure, because if opponents would destroy it, then the game ends.

The work is divided into night and day. Day of hurry to strengthen ready built, but at night you need to spend all efforts to defend. To effectively cope with the onset of the turret. Their rank to create a first line of Defense.

Resources Build Royale io

A huge importance in Build Royale game belongs to the proportion of gold. It is used to purchase upgrades for towers and walls, as well as for purchase in the trade shop a variety of enhancements and tools. The precious metal is extracted automatically if there is a gold mine. The location number is limited to within 8 pieces.

With a high level of protection of the enemy accurately will not be able to break through. Try to pump tools, then purchasing department building materials goes much easier and faster.

armoryHow to quickly improve the wall

I am glad to see that each build in Build Royale io pumped, so increases the strength of defensive structures, and shooting towers are charging more power when the extermination of a wave of competitors. Click on a specific structure falls special menu. Selecting Upgrade, you run the upgrade.

Initially bleed warehouse with gold, and then make the rest of the objects. If you are in any doubt as to the correctness of the sophisticated manipulation or not quite understood the purpose of the items, worth seeing video on BuildRoyale, then information concerning many aspects will be clear.

defendIt happens that the opponents destroy defenses and penetrate the base. Preliminary hit a sword to finish off the enemy’s hand. Such cases usually occur in Build Royale game in the initial stages when the wooden walls are too fragile, indeed, have not yet been no improvement, but the situation is corrected for the better.

Play with inviolable towers many enjoy it more, but get ready for that and enemies will be stronger and quicker. Staying alive in the violent conditions of the mission. Please note that you will have to work diligently, so please be patient. Boost records to become champion among gamers.